SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing

SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing
Product Details

SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing

1. PTFE 
2. Porous bronze sintere
3. Steel backing
4. Copper-plating/tin-plating

  • SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing is with high load, high temperature and high polluted environment with 

    grease or oil lubrication.

  • SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing has excellent wear resistance. This material is widely used in the kingpin bushing, 

    piston pump, agricultural machinery.

  • SF-1 Oilless Dry Bearing is especially well-suited for applications where lubricant can not be supplied continuously or repeatedly.



SF-1 DU Oilless composite Sliding Self Lubricating Jiashan Bearing Bushing

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