POM Plastic Bushing

POM Plastic Bushing
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POM Plastic Bushing

POM Plastic Bushing is a triple layer bearing consisting of copperplated steel frame, a middle layer of sintered bronze and a sliding surface of acetal plastic (POM).
The sliding surface is provided with grease pockets which embeds the lubricant for gradual
release during operation. The slip layer also has a good ability to embed dirt and small particles that could damage the shaft. POM can withstand relatively high loads and is suitable for rotary and oscillating movements and structures with frequent starts and stops.

– Suitable for dirty and tough environments
– Requires little maintenance (prelubricated)
– Long life in normal operations
– Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)

Areas of use
Forest-, packaging and agricultural machinery,
food industry, hydraulic cylinders etc.

Shapes & forms
Plain cylindrical bearings, thrust washers and
sliding plates.



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