Valin Super-Hard BN-S20 Grade Roughing Bearing Bushings Up To 60 Hours

      The so-called bearing bushings, is to reduce the wear between the bearing and the shaft 

seat, to obtain a longer service life. Bushing is not only used in the bearing field, but also 

widely used in other fields, such as valve field.

      The role of bearing bushing is to protect other parts, so the bearing bush itself should 

have a good life. So in the process of processing the bushing, but also often difficult to process


      Valin super hard has a professional production of super-hard cutting tools and cutting tool

manufacturers, since its inception, continue to enhance their competitive advantage for high 

hardness difficult to provide materials to provide super-hard tool solutions.

      Many parts of the bearing area hard steel, bushings are no exception, bushings in order to 

abtain a good service life, often using heat treatment process to get. Here is my secretary valin 

super hard tool engineer Wu Bai Li  received a user information.

      Bearing bushing material is 45 steel, after high frequency quenching, hardness HRC 55, 

workpiece diameter 37 mm, length 30 mm, roughing allowance 1 mm.

      Hauling super-hard tool engineer Wu Baili understand the information, to recommend the user 

 BN-S20 grade cubic boron nitride blade, because the margin is not suitable for perforated blade, 

that is, welding cubic boron nitride blade. And high hardness, the need for a good knife with 

high temperature red hardness. So choose BN-S20 grade cubic boron nitride blade.

      Based on the user's arbor and angle information, determine the arbor model and blade model.

 Arbor model CCLNR2525M1207; blade model for the CNMN120708. At the beginning of the machine is 

not clear because of the rigidity of the machine and clamping methods, Valin superhard tool 

engineers based on years of experience, given a rough range of cutting parameters, the user 

according to the scope of the appropriate adjustment of the appropriate cutting parameters. As 

follows: speed N = 1000r / min, walking volume fr = 0.10mm / r, eat knife depth ap = 1mm. Cutting

 method for the cut.

      BN-S20 grade cubic boron nitride blade processing bearing bushing effect: a bearing bushing 

processing time is 3min. Each edge can be processed 300 pieces. Valin super-hard tool engineers 

for the election of the blade model is CNMN, is a diamond-shaped blade, 4 edge. That is, a blade 

can handle 1200 pieces of bearing bushings, a blade can be used continuously for 60 hours.