The Importance Of Bearing On The Roots Blower

      Roots blower bearings, in terms of the strength, wear reisitance and temperature resistance 

are stronger than other industries in the bearing, only in order to be in a complex, difficult to 

maintain the environment long-term work. Roots blower are mainly used in a variety of complex, 

high load operating environment, so Roots blower bearings must be applied to a variety of high 

temperature, humidity, corrosion and wear environment.

     Roots blower bearings in ues to withstand high load, strong impact, and water and rust to 

invade, I used the company's NSK Bearings is a new type of ultra-high load capacity of the 

sealed, clean lubrication roller bearings. It is said that the bearing can increase the load 

capacity of 34%, with higher reliability, can work under bad lubrication conditions for a long 

time. Its improved seal performance after sealing, the integration of the principle of 

optimization of mechanical design, new materials and seals patented technology, and easy to operate the installation.

     Roots blower in the course of the use of impurities in the bearing material and uneven 

lubrication caused by premature bearing damage, resulting in Roots blower in the course of the 

operation is also paralyzed. So that the selection of high-quality bearings for the Roots blower 

is very importan. In this also reminds the use of Roots blower manufactures and personnel in the 

use and selection Roots blower must be professional manufactures to cooperate.