The Assembly Technology Of Bearings And Axis

      The Assembly Technology of Bearings and Axis:

       The bearing is used to support the parts, but also to support the axis rotation of the parts. According to the 

friction  properties,the bearings can be divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. According to the direction of 

load points, the bearings can be divided into radial bearings, thrust bearings and radial thrust bearings.

       Sliding Bearing Assembly:

      Sliding bearing is a kind of sliding friction bearing, which is characterized by stable operation, reliable noise is 

small, can withstand heavy load and large impact load, according to the structure of different forms can be divided into 

integral, split and tile and so on.

        Integral Sliding Bearing Assembly:

       The integral sliding bearing commonly known as sleeve, sliding bearings is the most simple form. the main use of 

pressure and hammer method to assemble, special occasions using hot-loading method, the majority of the sleeve is made of 

copper or cast iron, it should be careful when assembl. It also can be used wood hammer or hammer pad wood block hit the 

method of assembly, the size of the larger tolerance when the pressure with a press. Whether the knock or press must be 

prevented from tilting, after assembly, the oil groove and oil hole should be in the required position.

        After the assembly of the deformation of the bearing, it should be trimmed hole. The smaller the available reamer

cut, the larger size is used to scraping. At the same time, pay attention to control the the gap with the shaft in the 

tolerance range. In order to prevent the rotation of the sleeve work, the sleeve and the box on the contact surface with 

locating pin or riding screws. As the box and the sleeve material hardness is not the same as drilling, it is easy to bias 

the side of the soft side of the drill, the first way to drill with the hard material while punching the hard material,

the second is to use a short drill to increase the drill Hole when the drill bit steel.