TEX Oilless Bearing




   The material is in various high-quality metal for the substrate, the surface covered with PTFE and other additives to the low friction abrasion-based woven fabric material. This material is compared to the general three-layer composite structure has a higher carrying capacity, high-temperature and longer life. Substance for low carbon-steel (TEX-1T), stainless steel  (TEX-1H), steel (TEX-1S) and so on. Mainly used in high temperature production lines, construction machinery, automobile chassis parts, ball valves, butterfly valves, pumps and chemical industries and high-speed trains and other heavy low and can not refuel occasion.

      Max.Load   Static    450N/mm2
   Dynamic     250N/mm2
      Max.Speed   Dry    1.5M/s
   Lubrication    >2.5M/s
      Max.PV (Dry)
   Short-term    3.6N/mm2.m/s
   Continuous    1.8N/mm2.m/s

                  Temp.      -150℃ ~ +380℃
        Friction Coefficient      0.03 ~ 0.20
        Thermal Conductivity      42W (m·k)-1
        Coefficient of thermal expansion       11x10-6·k-1