Surface Of 304 Stainless Steel And Corrosion Resistance Of 20 Steel Metal Pipe Effect

With the growing demand for energy, oil and gas mining gradually extends to the deep and corrosive environments. At present, the highly corrosive oil and gas fields in mining operations and commonly used in oil and gas transmission pipe of corrosion-resistant alloys or nickel-based alloys. However, the common part used as a corrosion-resistant corrosion-resistant pipes only about 1/3 and the rest for structural support, this caused a tremendous waste of resources. In order to reduce costs, extend the service life of the pipe, scholars at home and abroad for high H2S/CO2/Cl-gas field conducted years of research on serious corrosion. Results showed that using corrosion-resistant alloy composite pipe pipeline corrosion problems is relatively safe and economic way. Study on the selection of the most representative of the 304 stainless steel 20, mechanical Composite tubes as the object of study, comparative study of 304 stainless steel inner liner after plastic working, polished in Cl-before and after treatment of electrochemical corrosion behavior in solution.