Sliding Bushings Can Repaire Piping And Casing Replacement

     Many countries in the world, especially those with the oldest civilized history, the oldest 

cities and the oldest underground infrastructure, are beginning to rupture and lose power after 

years of service for the city. If the dringking water piple is broken(unfortunately too many

countries have occured), as much as 40% of the drinking water is likely to flow out due to 

rupture and leakage of harmful substances is detrimental to the health of the public. People who 

have laid water and sanitation pipelines may not have expected the growth of the urban population,

and they can not use today's problems, but just ask us to grant honor to those pioneers of public

health. These pipes are due diligence, but they can not be used forever.

    Once the pipe is broken, the first decision is to repair the pipe or replace it.From a certain

point of view, the replacement of the old and continue to do temporary repair the same cost.The

useful life of the pipe and the cost of the proposed pipe are usually two important factors in

the decision of  the municipality. The cost of maintenance also depends on several factors, 

including a pipeline there are several need to repair, the depth of the pipe and pipe diameter. If

there is groundwater in the pipeline, it will, of course, increase maintenance costs. For any 

municipal authority, the most important thing is to understand and record the status of the entire

on the sewer system, so that the resolution on maintenance and replacement can be made on the 

basis of all the facts that are already known and well known. If the repair and replacement plan 

is based on the current status of the pipeline to make accurate information, you can save a lot of

time, effort and money.

     An effective way to repair a pipe is the "sliding bushing method". The method is to manually 

insert a polyvinyl chloride(PVC) liner in the old pipe.Clean the old pipe with high pressure jet 

water, remove the organic residue from the pipe, and insert the new liner from the ground ( its 

size is about 6 × 10m)。 Each section of the bushing is connected by a watertight sealing joint,

and the annular gap between the new pipe is filled with a thin coating. When the use of such a 

method for pipeline maintenance, often also need to repair the hole into the hole can be used to 

repair solvent-free epoxy resin. All pipeline repair or replacement construction is the most 

critical is to ensure that new materials from corrosion, using now can buy epoxy resin, 

geosynthetics and resins, new materials, corrosion is undoubtedly can be done.