SF-2 Marginal-Lubrication Bearings Can Extend Service Life

    SF-2 is triple-layer self lubricating material that can fill modified POM plastic as su rface layer,it is benignant boundary lubrication 

material,therefore ,it is particularly applicable high-load low-speed rotating and wing movement, as well as in the condition that frequent loaded 

start-stop is the requirement while hydrodynamic lubrication membrane is difficult to form, in the parts such as bearing, thrust washer, sliding block, 

ball socket and so on, SF-2 can take full advantage of less grease to work long time without lubrication maintenance under boundary lubrication 

condition, but under oil-free condition ,sf-2 the frictional behaviou and permissible pv value is relatively low, so generally storage pit can be formed 

on the plastic surface, where lithiumbased lubricant grease or silicone grease and so on should be applied when being installed.


         1.Good load, good wear resistance.

          2.Suitable for high and low speed under the rotary motion, swing movement and often under the load and opening and closing is difficult to 

form hydrodynamic lubrication of the occasion.

          3. In the boundary lubrication conditions,  SF-2  Marginal-Lubrication Bearings  can be long-term non-refueling maintenance, and in the process of filling the bearing life longer.

          4. The surface of the plastic layer in the processing can leave a certain margin, the assembly pressure into the hole after the self-processing, in order to achieve better assembly size.

          5.Products are mainly used in automotive chassis, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, water machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, rolling equipment.