Research On Lubrication Mode Of High Speed Bearing

    It is important to control the temperature rise of rotating spindle of the high speed, and 

the temperature rise of the spindle comes from the bearing. Reduce the bearing temperature rise 

method is:

    1.To reduce the friction of the bearing friction.

    2.To improve the bearing heat dissipation conditions.

    Commonly used spindle bearing lubrication has the following several methods:

    1.Grease lubrication

    In general, the viscosity of the bearing lubricating oil decreases as the temperature rises. 

In order to avoid bearing burns, must add the right amount of lubricating oil. But the increase in

 the amount of oil also increased the resistance to increase the friction, which need to increase 

the driving force of the spindle. If you use a trace of grease lubrication, not only less than the

 purpose of low friction, but also bring the heat of the bearing. High-speed spindle high-speed 

rotation, so that accelerated deterioration of grease, reducing the service life of grease. 

Grease used in low speed or heavy load conditions, the speed is best not not higher than 8000 


    2.Oil mist lubrication:

    At present, CNC grinding machine in the high-speed grinding when the spindle bearing 

lubrication mostly use oil mist lubrication, oil mist lubrication is also a small amount of 

lubrication category, reducing the friction rolling and bearing temperature, improve the use of 

the spindle time. Another advantange is due to the electric spindle bearing oil mist lubrication 

when the internal has a certain pressure, to avoid the abrasive particles into the spindle shaft 

shell lead to damage the spindle. But the oil mist lubrication there is environmental pollution 

and oil control is not accurate.

    3.Oil and gas lubrication

     Oil and gas lubrication has the follwing characteristics: 

     (1) Can be a very small amount of lubricating oil continuously and steadily supply bearing.

     (2) Less environmental pollution, the oil and gas lubrication of the electric spindle on the 

continuous operation of the propylene box for about 2h, the measurement of air pollution in the 

box about 0.03mg / m3. Pollution is less than oil mist lubrication, the reason is that oil and 

gas lubrication than oil mist lubrication less oil, and lubricating oil and compressed air to 

gas-luqid two-phase into the bearing.

     (3) Dust or moisture and cutting fluid is difficult to enter the spindle, the compressed air 

inside the spindle to maintain positive pressure.

     (4) Compressed air can take away the heat generated inside the spindle, effectively prevent 

the thermal deformation of the bearing.