Pig Slaughter Bearing Manufacturing Bayan "counties" Two Pillar Industries

Harbin News News (reporters Huang Lei) major grain-producing counties, Bayan into pig farming after the pillar industries in the County, and by Taiwanese capital construction industry and pig processing the two parks, created pig slaughtering processing, precision bearing two "strong County" pillar industries, and drive the development of related industries.

4 pig slaughtering enterprises settled in Bayan

See "pig grain counties" jinluo livestock development prospects group, found here the first bucket of gold. For 11 years, the well-known company in Bayan County, construction of pig slaughtering, processing lines, daily slaughtering capacity of more than 3000, all products sold as fresh, frozen in Harbin urban area. For further expansion of the processed variety, they started the construction of low temperature sausage and high added value products such as high-temperature ham sausage production line,

Jinluo group success, walk more bullish in the slaughtering and processing of Bayan development Outlook.

Early, rain run group one-time investment 1.48 billion yuan, in Bayan construction years slaughter processing pig 1.5 million head, and pig farming 100,000 head, and processing feed 300,000 tons Enterprise; May, Harbin seven collection group investment 1.5 billion yuan of 1 million head pig slaughter and the processing, and 300,000 tons feed processing, and 10 a years slaughter 100,000 head of pig farming base starts construction; June, are State group investment 1 billion yuan of 800,000 head pig farming base, and 350,000 tons feed processing, and 1 million pigs for slaughter and deep processing project, officially settled in Bayan.

"Bayan" made to fill the gaps

Only more than 100 workers of the Jian Li, Harbin precision machinery manufacturing co, in the Bayan to create a "miracle", they fill our high accuracy I-bearing roller production gaps.

I-level precision roller bearings precision is less than 0.01 microns, the equivalent of a hair 1/500. Our I-level precision roller bearings per year more than 300 million tablets, but that figure to produce tens of billions of grains of roller bearing company was despise "small quantities", and General small business and are unable to produce, so the domestic high-accuracy I roller basically relies on imports.

In 2009, Zhejiang businessmen to see "small quantities" of big business, they carry the international first-class manufacturing equipment to a plant in Bayan, and hired more than more than 20 HRB retired technician for technical problems. 4 years, enterprise has filled for a long time I cannot produce high precision bearings roller gap, to produce 40% of products exported to foreign countries.

47 companies settled in the two parks

Bayan County Industrial Park, industrial and slaughter and attracting a number of companies, formed a cluster effect.

Hengtong Harbin bearing co, North of Harbin bearing Co Ltd and a number of bearing processing enterprises have settled in Bayan, products produced by the previous single roller bearing to bearing, lubrication bearings, bimetal bearings, linear bearings, bushings, bushings, bearings and many other products are widely used in automotive, tooling, machine tools, elevators manufacturing, and other fields. Industrial park covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers, the formation of bearing processing industries, annual sales revenue of 300 million Yuan.

Under construction more than pig-slaughtering and processing company, and a "Golden Gong" composed of a powerful enterprise cluster, will become the Bayan and "County" pillar industries. At present, the two parks in the County have settled in 47 enterprises, production efficiency 33, another 11 projects are being built.