Oiles Bushings Decrease The Wear Of The Axis And The Seat

      In the moving parts, because of long-term friction caused components wear and tear,components must be replaced when the 

axis and seat clearance to a certain extent, so the designer in the design of the use of low hardness, good wear resistance

 material for the sleeve or bushing, which can reduce the shaft and seat wear. When the sleeve or bushing wear to a certain 

extent to replace, so you can save the cost of replacing the shaft or seat.

      In general, bushing and seat with interference fit, bushing and axis use the gap coordinate. Because no matter how or 

can not avoid wear and tear, can only extend the life, and shaft parts are relatively easy to process. There are some new 

designers do not like this design, that this is the time to increase the cost of manufacturing, but after a period Time after

 use, maintenance or in accordance with this method of transformation, but the transformation is likely to cause the accuracy

 of the device reduced. The reason is very simple, the secondary processing is unable to ensure that the location of the seat

 hole to add some of the shaft in some low speed, (Such as the camshaft) is used to replace the rolling bearing (in fact, the

 sleeve is also considered a kind of sliding bearing), the material requires low hardness and wear, the sleeve hole by 

grinding and grinding, can to achieve a high degree of accuracy, the inner wall must have a lubricating oil tank, the sleeve

 of the lubrication is very important, dry grinding, then the shaft and the sleeve will soon be scrapped, it is recommended

 to install the shaft hole when the sleeve. Leaving a lot of small pits, enhanced lubrication bushings and bushings are based

 on different industrial and mining conditions using different models. The most important conditions are: pressure, speed, 

pressure speed product, lubrication state, load nature. Bushing is easy to optimize the selection of automation.