Lubricant Selection Principle Of

Provisions for lubrication specifications in the manual is the basis for selection of equipment for oil, if there are no instructions or provisions, the units used by the device of their choice. When choosing oil should be guided by the following principles:


Velocity: velocity higher easy to form a wedge, you can choose the low viscosity of lubricant to ensure the film's existence. Selection of viscosity is too high, the resulting impedance is large, lots of heat and can cause overheating. During low-speed operation, the viscosity of the oil to carry the load, higher viscosity of the lubricant should be used.


Carrying the load: a load greater selection of lubricating oil of higher viscosity. Low-speed heavy oils should be considered allowable load capacity.


Working temperature: temperature changes when should use oils with high viscosity index, high temperature conditions should be used viscosity and high flash point, oil and antioxidant stability, there is a corresponding additives in oil. Working viscosity should be used at low temperature and low water and low freezing point of low temperature oil.


Working environment: humidity and air environment should use anti fog and strong, oily and good anti-rust oils, should pay attention to the larger environment dust sealing. Corrosive gas environment should be corrosion-resistant oil.

Lubrication of the "five" and "three filters"

Equipment lubrication work "five sets" and "San filter" is the daily lubrication technology and management of standardization to ensure effective methods of equipment lubrication. Its contents are:



Fixed: each piece of equipment lubrication and lubrication points. Targeted to the oil.

B. qualitative: determine the variety of equipment needed for lubrication oil, grade and quality requirements, and fuel quality must be tested by qualified.


Quantitative analysis: determines the number of oiling parts every time oil change oil and oil change fuel quota management and quantitative.


Regular: each cycle of the lubrication and oil change, the required cycle fuel, oil and cleaning oil change, oil fuel tanks, in accordance with the regulations in the periodic sampling to determine the next inspection and oil change time.


People: determined workers, maintenance workers, lubrication workers on device lubrication oil, oil and cleaning oil Division of duties to complete equipment lubrication.

Three filters:


Storage filter: filtering of the oil transport when put in storage.

B. issue filters: release the oil injection lubrication when the container filter.

C. fuel filter: oil mixture into an oil storage site filter.

The conditions of equipment lubrication good:

A ... all the lubricating device, such as fuel injectors, oil cups, oil, oil pump and piping is complete, clean, easy to use, free;


All lubrication, lubrication points according to embellish the chart "five sets" requires fuel, eliminating oil dry milling;

C. oil down, linoleum is complete clean correctly;


Oil and coolant, spoiled, not promiscuous, to meet the requirements;

E. sliding and rotating important parts such as clean, with a thin oil film;

F. all parts of oil.