Liu Yong: Schaeffler Is Promoting An Intelligent Bearing System In China

    The second China-made 2025 ( Shenzhen ) summit was held in Shenzhen from April 8 to 9, 2017, 

organized by Xinhua News Agency's "Financial State Weekly" and the International Economic and 

Technical Cooperation Center of the Mininstry of industry and Information Technology. Schaeffler 

Investment (China) Co., Ltd. Chief Technology Officer Liu Yong attended and spoke.

    He said that Schaeffler had some time ago and in the car to promote an intelligent bearing 

system in China, also known as bearing pre-health management system, if the product is applied 

once, in the future to help the railway and transportation industry to achieve a lot of key 

components Pre-maintenance. Now there are naerly one-third of the high-speed rail is to stay 

inside the maintenance library, maintenance costs are quite high, and we can help China's rail

 to achieve lower costs.

      The fllowing is a lecture:

      Liu Yong: Leaders, liadies and gentleman, good afternoon

      The topic of today's speech is "efficient driving, gallop the future". This topic is also 

very fit our current theme.

       Before I start talking about this topic, I'd like to take a moment to introduce our 

company. Schaeffler is a German company with 85,000 employees and nearly 90,000 employees. Mainly 

two directions, one is industrial products, one is the car products. Cars in the business sector

 to reach nearly 80% of the share, the other is the industrial sector. Our company grew very fast 

in previous years and has a lot of factories in the world, such as Eupope, America, Great China 

and Asia Pacific. There are now nearly 800 engineering teams and R & D teams i China. Our company 

is German family business, may also be Europe's largest family business, was founded by Mr. 

Schaeffle in 1949.

    In China, Schaeffler entered China in 1995, and so far, there have been nearly 12,000 

employees. R & D and headquarters in Shanghai, we have factories in Jiaxing, Suzhou, Nanjing. We

 plan to build a factory in Xiangtan, Hunan. We are positioning the future factory, that is, a new

 intelligent factory, all the intelligent manufacturing technology used in the construction of 

this new plant. This is our China headquarters in Shanghai, there are 4000 square meters, nearly 

1000 people R & D team work here.

     Our company's products, first of all the automative field, drive system, engine system, 

chassis control system. It is possible that you have not heard of our company name, but if you

 use the European Department, the US department and many independent brand cars, open the hood,

 a lot of cars with our products, very many engines, chassis key parts Are our company, including 

the rod clutch and so on many of our company to provide the transmission system. In the new

 energy vehicles, hybrid inside, we also have a lot of new products appear. In addition, the 

industrial sector, we cover a very wide, basically covering all industrial areas. why? Because our

 most important industrial products are bearings, our Schaeffler brand is one of the world's three

 major bearing brands. When you drive, our company's products are helping you drive the whole car.

      Schaeffler is made of bearings, the bearing area of the product is very full, nearly 40,000 

different types of bearing products, serving 20,30 million different customers, as small as one 

millimeter dentist drill, Ten meters of wind energy bearings, are our flagship product. We have 

developed a large number of industrial electromechanical integration products, and now active and 

Internet of things, industrial 4.0 all intelligent maintenance connected.

      Our next major research direction is called smart bearings, that is, digital bearings. How 

the value of the bearing embodied in the digital to achieve intelligence, and intelligent products

 supporting the field.

      If you look at our company's website, our company's website above four development 

direction, very coincidence, and just Shen introduced the direction of IBM have some fit. The 

first is environmentally friendly driving, low emissions, new energy. The second is the city 

traffic, that is, all new energy vehicles. The third is intercity traffic, including all the

 first stop of the new intercity traffic, including China's high-speed rail, aerospace. The

 fourth is the energy chain, we focus on the energy chain of solar energy (14.320, -0.26, -1.78%),

 wind power generation, and even tides.

     Tell us about the environment-friendly driving our company's flagship product. First of all, 

on the traditional engine, we have optimized all the drive systems to achieve lower energy 

consumption and lower emissions. The second stage, that is, we are now in the car market is very 

hot hybrid, and now all of China's hybrid car inside, if you open auspicious, GM 50, Chang'an, 

Great Wall, have used our products. We use the different hybrid modules to help the car realize 

the first step in hybrid and new energy vehicles. At the same time, we are now actively promoting

40 volts hybrid, micro-mixed, strong mixing and other products, including one of the key 

products. Car in the future direction of development inside, the first is pure electric, which is 

long, the second is intelligent, the ultimate goal is unmanned, we actively in these three

 aspects of the layout and promotion.

      In order to achieve these future programs, we are now in the various regions of the world, 

according to different needs to build a lot of cars, to supply our customer experience. These 

models gather all of our new technology, and if you go to our Shanghai headquarters, we can show 

you a good mix of cars, new energy electric vehicles, and some good solutions.

      In addition, urban transport, we can see that the proportion of the population of large 

cities today, including the proportion of the future large-scale population and the proportion is 

gradually improved, which is mentioned in many experts' reports, so this is a development 

Direction, that is, how to solve the traffic problem. Pure electric, so far we have developed a 

very successful product is the wheel motor, the car is four wheels plus the battery, the motor 

and a few couches on it, the traditional engine and gearbox did not. Such a technique, I think 

just a matter of time.

      In the field of intercity transport, high-speed rail is currently in China to actively 

promote a product area, wind energy, solar energy are we are very concerned about. We have some

 time ago and cooperation in the car, and now in China to promote an intelligent bearing system,

also known as bearing pre-health management system, which is for our own products, if the product

 is applied once, in the future to help the railway and transportation industry to achieve Many 

pre-maintenance of key components. We all know that there are now nearly one-third of the high-

speed rail is to stay in the maintenance of the library inside, maintenance costs are quite high,

how to do the state of repair, how to help China's rail to achieve lower costs? We are also 

working with China Railway to solve many problems.

      We can see that this is some of our products (see PPT), including our generation in the 

bearing side of the generator rotor. Why does the bearing end require a generator rotor? We all

 know that the bus is no power, if the wheels and the bearing side of each wheel can automatically

 generate electricity, the future can help the entire railway to achieve intelligence, which is 

also to promote the Chinese railway.

      Energy, our company is mainly engaged in energy energy, because China's wind energy 

accounted for one third of the world but also more market share, wind energy for our country's 

energy chain is also an important part. In the wind energy inside, our bearing management system 

and pre-maintenance management system in it, can help wind energy to achieve higher efficiency. At

the same time, in addition to wind energy, there are solar energy, tidal power, tidal power is

 the use of seawater to achieve energy, we are now actively promoting new products and new