JF Bi-metallic Composite Bearings Can Prevent Bite the Axis

     Bimetal bearing is a kind of oilless lubricating bearings, this product is a high-quality low-carbon steel back for the 

matrix, the surface sintered lead-tin bronze alloy, after several high-temperature sintering and compact rolling from copper,

 steel bimetallic rolled out of the strip. It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high 

temperature resistance and high self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for occasions where it is difficult to 

lubricate and form oil film, such as heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swing, and is not afraid of water erosion and 

other acid and scouring.

     As the substrate is stable for the low carbon steel material, so the sleeve diameter of the outer machining accuracy has 

been guaranteed, and the product into the seat hole does not require screw fixation, relying on interference fit can prevent 

the phenomenon of walking outside. The change of the chemical composition of the inner alloy layer can meet the requirements 

of different bearing pressure, different use temperature and different sliding speed. The friction surface can design 

different oil sumps in the production. The oil hole can meet the requirements of different refueling methods and prevent the 

bite phenomenon.

      Bimetallic bearings have good wear resistance and other advantages, especially for medium speed and low speed and other 

high load occasions. Through special means of technology, you can work on the friction surface of a variety of oil tank and 

oil holes, so to adapt to different conditions. Lubricating conditions under the use of products are mainly used in 

heavy-duty balance bridge bushings, gaskets, automotive engines, chassis, motorcycle clutch, gear pump rubbing plate and 

lifting equipment and other fields.