JF Bi-metallic Composite Bearing



Wall Thickness of the Machinable and Nonmachinable Bore of Bushes and their Tolerance

   Norminal Thickness 

Tolerance of Series B


Tolerance of Series C 


          1.0       -0.025   (+0.25,+0.15)
          1.5       -0.030   (+0.25,+0.15)
          2.0       -0.035   (+0.25,+0.15)
          2.5       -0.040   (+0.30,+0.15)
          3.0       -0.045   (+0.30,+0.15)
          3.5       -0.050   (+0.30,+0.15)

Structure Characteristics:

     JF Bi-metallic composite bearing material consists of steek backing with lead bronze or lead-free copper alloy (CuSn6.5P0.1、CuPb10Sn10、CuSn8Ni、CuPb24Sn4、AlSn20Cu)lining, bearing material for oil/grease lubricated applications. The copper alloy forms a continuously frame for thermal conductivity. These bearing structures are with high load capacity and good fatigue property. High tolerance can be achieved after re-machined from the customers. Lead-free bronze lining bearing material conforms to the European RoHS certificate.


    Angineering machine: ubderpan, thrust wheel, towing wheel, steering knuckle, tension pulley……

    Automotive: turning shaft, connecting rod, valve rocker, camshaft, gear box, internal combustion engine.

    And plunger pump friction plate, gear pump friction plate ……

DataGradeJF-930   (lead free)JF-800JF-820
MaterialSteel  CuSn6.5P0.1Steel   CuPb10Sn10Steel      CuSn8Ni
We can also develop according to customers special request while out of this table.   blob.pngblob.png   blob.png    
Max dynamic Load P  (N/mm2)140140140
Max   line speed V (Greaes lubrication)   (m/s)
Alloy layer hardness60 ~ 13070 ~ 13070 ~ 130
Thermal conductivity (W/mk)474747
Coefficient of linear expansion18x10-6/K18x10-6/K18x10-6/K
    Max PV value
Grease   lubrica-tion2.82.82.8
Oil lubrica-tion101010
Friction coef uGreaes
0.05 ~ 0.120.05 ~ 0.150.05 ~ 0.12
Oil lubrica-tion0.04 ~ 0.120.04 ~ 0.120.04 ~ 0.12
Max Working
    temperature (℃)
Oil lubrica-tion250250250
Matching ShaftHardness≥53≥53/
Rough-ness0.32 ~ 0.630.32 ~ 0.63/
Pertinence applicationLead   free, for use in medium load conditions, such as the engine connecting rod and bushings, steering pin covers.Con-rod   of
automobile engines,
and agriculture
machinery, heavy duty construction
machinery etc.

Lead   free, for use in medium load conditions, such as the engine connecting rod and bushings steering pin covers.