Influence Of Bearing Failure And Troubleshooting

1. the fatigue point erosion

Rolling bearings load. in rolling contact with the inner and outer ring surface contact stress. due to the inner and outer rings and rolling elements relative rotational movement at work and contact stress for pulsating circulation changes. When the stress exceeds the limit value, the fatigue cracks under the surface and gradually extended to the surface, so that the inner and outer ring raceways scrollable surface forms the fatigue point erosion causes loss of rotational accuracy of rolling bearings, noise, shock and vibration. Pitting is the failure mode of rolling bearing

2. plastic deformation

When the bearing speed is low or only swinging, oversized loads or impact load bearings will open Raceway and rolling contact generated when higher flow exceeds the yield strength of the material, will have a large plastic deformation, deformation exceeding a certain Fan Tian. bearings will not work properly. Deformation and failure modes of rolling bearings.

In order to determine whether removing bearing can be used to check after bearing wash, carefully check the roller surface, rolling, surface State, cage wear, bearing clearance increases and there is no damage on the dimensional accuracy, anomaly. Non-separate ball bearing, inner support rings with one hand, rotate the outer ring to confirm fluency.


1) engine speed from idle speed to medium speed when excessive sound clear, high speed, noise is more pronounced for bearing rings.

2) broken fire test on a cylinder, the sound weakens or disappears, the cylinder bearing ring.

3) regardless of the speed and temperature are audible, and the engine has vibration, water sound does not change for the ablation of bearing alloys.