India Bearing Market Cattle

India bearing industry operating profits are higher, generally 25~30%, the profit margins even in the first two years of the recession also has remained the same. One market expert analysis, benefit from such higher-margin, India bearing manufacturers can continue to expand, absorb the high interest rate loans.

1.SKF bearing company

India's largest bearings company SKF ball bearings roller bearings company in India has 25% bearing market share. The company technically been Sweden SKF company assistance, annual production capacity of 61 million units, sales is the main host markets such as automotive, electrical, 55% per cent of the company's sales, followed by maintenance market, 42%, exports accounted for only 3%.

The company's existing equipment can meet domestic demand for bearing most of the, for the past three years export ratio grew to 12%, bearing factory of the company in Bangalore, new production efficiency and product quality are very high. Meanwhile, the company is also actively developing new materials, bearing the localization rate of raw material, and plan to merger the group enterprise Si Kaifu grams • India • bearing company.

2.FAG precision Corporation

FAG precision company is India's second largest bearing company, technically be Germany FAG's assistance. The company is India's first obtained ISO9000 certification bearing company, from 1991 to 1992, bearing annual production capacity has increased from 8 million to 17 million units.

Due to the recovery of the auto industry, lower import tariffs on steel, 1993-1994-FAG precision company equipment utilization (starts) reached 60%, sales also rose to 31.4 million rupees, and operating profit of 245 million rupees net profit after depreciation and interest payments to 15 million rupees. Economic experts pointed out that due to improved demand, combined with good production equipment, precision company FAG 1994-1995 equipment utilization rate of up to 75%, sales income of 1.2 billion rupees.

3. bi-metal bearing company

India bimetal bearing 8% bearing sales company in 1993 than the previous year, maintenance of market situation is also very good. The company's automobile and tractor engine bearings India similar bearings and a 60%.

Metal powder metallurgy products manufactured from raw materials for the company and strips, then into bearing. The company plans to develop Tin plated aluminum to replace reliance on imported raw materials.

(China machinery net)