INA Low Noise Ball Bearings With Spherical Outside Surface Installation And Adjustments Attention

1, low noise INA bearing installation and adjustment of long-life bearings can be grouped according to, the same size of the disturbance, bearing clearances is also relatively consistent, you want as much as possible interference, take smaller value, ensure that the roller deformation, result of rolling noise is smaller. Noise when the gap the ideal condition is the maximum operating temperature of the bearing completely zero-gap value. When you are not using these two types of low noise bearing noise of spherical bearings can be relatively small. Depending on the comparison: 1) ball bearings roller bearings the low signal to noise ratio, sliding (friction) bearing noise than the lower;

2) cage bearing noise is lower than stamping bearing cage plastic use; 3) high precision bearings, particularly those using high precision roller bearings, precision bearings noise than low noise small, 4) small bearing bearing noise noise ratio is relatively small.

2, many of INA bearing is sealed, the bearings during the whole life period is do not require grease. Other sealed bearings double row tapered roller bearing must be greased at installation time. Because of the bearing cavities of different sizes, so it is difficult to determine how much of the oil, the most important guarantees with housing of spherical ball bearings with grease, if too much oil, when the bearing rotates, excess fat will seep. General experience: at the time of installation, amount of grease to the bearing clearance of 50%.

3, in order to ensure safety and reliability, it is recommended that you should always check however long the old wheel bearing-take note whether there are early warning signs of wear of the bearing: includes any rotation friction noise or suspension combination wheel not turning properly slows down.

For rear-wheel-drive vehicle recommended for vehicles to 38000 km is the front hub bearing should be lubricated. When replacing the brake system, check ball bearings with spherical outside surface and replace the oil seal.

4, the hub bearing unit, do not attempt to disassemble the wheel bearings or adjusting the wheel unit seals or damage to seals caused the entry of water or dust. Even ring raceway and inner ring are damaged, resulting in the permanent failure of the bearing.

5, equipped with ABS device import magnetic thrust bearing seal ring has a ring, this thrust ring cannot be subjected to collision, impact, or collide with the other's magnetic field. Before installation from the package out of the box, keep them away from the magnetic field, such as the use of electric motors or power tools. When you install these bearings, pass the road test observation instrument panel ABS alert pin, to change the INA bearing operation.

6, install the appropriate Department, INA bearing temperatures will rise quickly, stop abnormal high temperatures, take the necessary preventive measures. By lubrication, temperature, speed, load, environments, the values in the table, saying only that the approximate temperature range. The fatigue life of rolling bearings and friction, abrasion, temperature, vibration, and has a significant impact, instead of the normal lubrication of the bearing lubrication lubrication of bearings will not work.

40% damage associated with poor lubrication of bearings, ball bearings with spherical outside surface damage cause analysis. Therefore, effective measures to reduce friction and wear of bearing lubrication bearings.