High-Speed Bearing Lubrication With Oil And Gas Lubrication

     In recently years, with the development of tool materials and manufacturing technology, 

machine tool spindle rotation speed continues to increase. At present, the medium-sized CNC 

machine tools and machining center spindle speed has reached tens of thousands of turn or higher. 

Internal grinding machine to achieve sufficient speed, grinding the hole of the grinding wheel has

 been up to 240000 r/min. This is a new requirement for the design and manufacture of the 

bearings, and a higher requirement is made for the lubrication system.

     The purpose of rolling bearing lubrication is to reduce bearing friction and wear, to 

prevent burning stick, to extend the fatigue life, discharge  friction heat. Traditional 

lubrication methods such as oil bath lubrication, oil cup lubrication , splash lubrication, 

circulation lubrication and oil mist lubrication method has been difficult to meet the 

requirements of lubrication. This is because high-speed bearings on the viscosity of the oil has 

strict requirements, while the oil supply requirements are also high. The above mentioned several 

lubrication methods are unable to accurately control the fuel supply, suitable for medium and low 

speed bearing lubrication, and oil mist lubrication system is also difficult to ensure that the 

amount of lubricating oil constant, so that the friction point of the oil a fluctuating state,

 when for a long time, is not conductive to bearing speed and life expectancy. The oil gas 

lubrication system can accurately control the amount of lubricating oil at each point, high 

reliablity, can be applied to high-speed bearing.

     Oil-air lubrication technology is a new technology, is a rational lubrication method, to 

ensure the lubrication of high efficiency while reducing wear, especially for high-speed rotating 

rolling bearings, can be used in the machine tool manufacturing industry, textile machinery 

manufacturing. Oil-air lubrication system at a certain time by the quantitative pump output of 

trace lubricantsand pipe in the compressed air (pressure 0.3-0.5MPa) mixed, the nylon tube into 

the bearing, stay at the friction point, play a valid lubrication bearing role.