Haier Launched The World's Largest Cooling Capacity Of Magnetic Bearings Centrifugal Refrigeration Unit

      According to the foreign media reported on April 17, Haier in the April 12 at the Shanghai

 New Internaitonal Expo Center at the 28th China Refrigeration Exhibition for the first time with

the world's largest cooling power of 4200RT magnetic bearings centrifugal refrigeration unit.

    Haier Central Air Conditioning (Haier CAC) is Haier Group's business unit, the unit can cool

 a unit of 100,000 square meters of space, which is so far can not match the feat, and full load 

conditions, the efficiency of the composite component load value (IPLV) to 13.18 The This new 

design will maglev technology in the refrigeration industry to a new level of application.

   Unlike traditional central air conditioning, the Maglev group has no oil-free friction, reduced

 energy consmption by 50%, service life of up to 30 years, twicw as much as traditional equipment.

 As a result of these advances, magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers are becoming one of the key 

development directions of the central air conditioning industry. At the beginning of 2006, Haier 

became China's magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller pioneer, and in 2015 launched the first

 model. cooling power of 2200 RT, was the highest cooling equipment on the market at that time. 

The new 4200 RT unit has created a new world record.

    In the smart technology, the departmwnt is equipped with a fully automated cleam magetic 

suspension system, teh entire life cycle does not require artificial maintenance, running only 

half of the traditional equipment power consumption. The air conditioning industry is the first 

industry to apply artificial intelligence to large industrial equipment, making full use human-

computer interaction and the latest technological advances between machines and machines.

      In the manufacturing technology, Haier CAC is the world's first to create a user-centric 

central air-conditioning production sector, the use of interconnection equipment technology, 

combined with energy-saving technologies, artificial intelligence equipment technology, combined 

with energy-saving technologies sectors, artificial intelligence and mass customization, from 

large-scale production to mass customization, speed up the implemwntation of "made in China 2025" 


     In the Chinese market, Haier has so far built and installed 539 sets of magnetic bearings 

centrifugal refrigeration unit. Although these devices are still emerging industry pilot

 projects, but Haier has accounted for 81% of the market share, and for 5 consecutive years in a 

leading position. According to industry experts, the new 4200RT unit not only represents the 

application of magnetic levitation technology and innovation, but also the core of energy-saving 

emission reduction response, but also a model of green building sector transformation.