FZ Ball Retainer Bearing

      Product Introduction:

      FZH、FZL、FZP ball retainer are as copper, aluminium, POM base, they are machined some regular holes and embedded the 

steel-ball into. The new work-craft will prevent the ball getting out of as old. As the ball diameter is larger than the 

retainer's thickness, so it will face to face directly with 90°guide bushing, that will bring high precision match now the 

ball retainer series items are designed to rotate on the post, as well as maintaints vertical motion, we believe this will 

give you the benefit of increasing accijiracy.

      Advantages and Application:

      As the traditional work-craft has some grudge between bushing with posts, and the coefficient of friction is larger.

 Now we have changed the work-ways to steel-ball directly face to face guide bushing, so the precision is improved. It 

composes of both active roll and lower friction coefficient, now they have been widely used in punching machine, die 

machine, high precision machine which need rotation and vertical motion.

      Requirements for Installed Components:

      1.Guide bushing: material GCrl5, YB9, heat treat HRC 62-66, technique condition according to GB/T12446. Request 


      2.Guide posts: matrial GRrl5, TB9, heat treatment HRC62-66, the tolerance of shaft is h5.

      3.Size test: it is tested by outside micrometer & dial gauge as usual.