FR Bronze Mesh Wih PTFE Self-lubricating Bearing

       Product Details:

       FR is a composite material, it is made of bronze wire mesh as frame and cover the mixture of PTFE and other anti-wear material by special sintering. It is of low friction coefficient and good performance in anti-wear. Due to its flexibility, it can act as segregtion film between two steel friction surfaces, in this application, the superior performance of no clearance, no noise, no oil

lubrication, no maintenance and no pollution will be appeared.


      Automobile door hinge, textile machinery, spherical bearings, chemical industries, food industries, medical industries, valve controllers etc. used in those light load and lower speed applications.

      Tech. Data:

        Max. Load      30N/mm2
        Temp. Limit      -20 ℃ ~ +250 ℃
        Max. Speed (dry)       0.5 m/s
        Max. Speed (Lubrication)        2m/s
        Max. PV        1.65/mm2·m/s
        μ Friction coefficien        0.05~0.20
        Bearing capacity       Thickness     Lubricating
        Bronze       0.48±0.02


PTFE and other anti-wear



        Brass       0.48±0.02
        Stainless steel       0.48±0.02