FB09G Graphite Lubricated Bronze-Wrapped Bearing Bushing




       Cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, strip and nonstandard parts as the clients supplied drawing etc.


      General recommended seat hole tolerance for the H7, shaft diameter tolerance is f7.

Material Structure:

      The same produce process and application except overlay the solid lubricants into the diamond shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface, which will offer good friction at the start and process works and keep good condition even no oil giving at short time. So can be used in construction machines, gears, automotive clutch pads etc.


         Load Capacity     140 N/mm2
         Temperature Limit      -100 ~ +250℃
         Speed Limit       1.5 M/s
         Friction Coefficient      0.06 ~ 0.25
         PV limit (dry)        2.6 N/mm2·m/s
         PV limit (oil)        15 N/mm2·m/s

DataGrade FB09G

We can also develop according to customers special

request while out of this table.

Density (g/cm3)8.3
Max Dynamic Load (N/mm2)40
Max Linear Velocity(Grease) (m/s)2.5
Max PV value(Grease) (N/mm2·m/s)2.8
Pressure Strength  (N/mm2)460
Yield  Strength  (N/mm2)230
Hardness90 ~ 150
Mating AxisHardness≥50
Roughness0.4 ~ 1.0
Working   Temperature  (℃)-40 ~ +150
Friction Coefficient0.03 ~ 0.1
Coefficient of Heat Conduction    (W/m·K)58
Linear Expansion Coefficient18.5×10-6/K
Pertinence ApplicationStarting motor hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles,tractors, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines etc.