FB092 Bronze-Wrapped Bearing Bushing



Structure Characteristics and Applications:

   FB092 wrapped bronze bushing is made of tin-bronze CuSn8 that is of high density, its surface is punched with oil apertures by certain angle and density therefore its easier to form an oil film when the bushing works. It has good anti-fatigue and load, anti-erosion anti-abrasion and load capacity. The products are widely applied in conditions of heavy load but low running velocity, such as on agricultural, buiding and engineering machines.

Product Benefits:

   1.Saving large amount of bronze material and save the working hours normally spent for lathing the bronze bushing.

   2.Compared with lathed bushings and roller bearings, it is lights and more cost-effective.

   3.Various holes and dents can be made on the friction surface for grease storage, prolonging the lubrication interval to 5 times as long as required by the bronze bushing.

   4.Extremely high load sustainability, especially suitable for coarse abrasion surfaces.

    Standard products available: straight bushings, thrust plates and pressure bearings.

    Non-standard products available: sleeve bushings, thrust plates, flanged bushing, bearing bushings, slide plates and steel bushing combination.

Material Structure:

    FB092 is deriving from FB090, the difference between FB090 & FB092 is indentations on working surface, which substituted by through-holes.

    Theses holes will allow greater capacity to collect lubricant, which build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and reduce the frication.

    It is suitable for high load, lower speed application like construction, transport, and agriculture machinery.


We can also develop according to customers special request while out of this table.blob.png    
Density (g/cm3)8.8
Max Dynamic Load (N/mm2)40
Max Linear Velocity(Grease) (m/s)2.5
Max PV value(Grease) (N/mm2·m/s)2.8
Pressure strength (N/mm2)460
Yield Strength  (N/mm2)260
Hardness90 ~ 150
Mating AxisHardness≥50
Working Temperature  (℃)-40 ~ +150
Friction Coefficient0.06 ~ 0.15
Coefficient   of heat conduction  (W/m·K)58
Linear expansion coefficient18.5×10-6/K
Pertinence ApplicationAgricultural   Machinery, Foresty Machinery, Heavy duty construction machinery.