FB08G Wrapped Bronze Bearing Used In Machinery Industry

      FB08G is a kind of steel-lead bronze alloys based bearing, which is embedded with particular formulation of solid 

lubricants. Owing to the high strength, high load capacity and the spirally distributed diamond type of the embedded solid 

lubricant, the high temperature resistant action as extraordinary exploited. The lubrication area of the bearing surface is 

being about 25%. This type of bearing is particularly applied in starting motor for automobiles, generators cranes and those 

machines inmetallurgical industry.

     Solid lubricating bearings are particularly suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, 

corrosion, radiation protection, and in water or vacuum solution infiltration and can not add lubricating oil film under 

special conditions. Solid lubricating bearings widely used in metallurgical rolling equipment, filling equipment, turbines, 

gas turbines, instrumentation and mining machinery, ship machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace and 

other fields, while solid lubricating bearings are increasing widely used in other workers agricultural machinery.