Electric Spindle High-Speed Bearings Preferred Oil And Gas Lubrication

    The role of lubrication:

    Lubrication is an important factor in ensuring the normal operation of the bearing, bearing 

capacity and service life are closely ralated. The effect of the lubrication on bearing life is 

as follows:

    1.To reduce intermetallic friction, slow bearing wear, increase bearing life.

    2.Lubrication from dust, rust, corrosion, can effectively ensure bearing life.

    Oil and gas lubrication system has been gradually in the country has been the importance of 

its many advantages in practice has gradually been the user certainly. The application of oil and 

gas lubrication cooling technology has greatly improved the conditions of use of bearings, but 

also improved and improved in terms of active cooling. Energy conservation and environmental 

protection. It is more suitable for high load, high speed and high temperature conditions than 

fuel injection, strong circulation lubrication cooling, is an effective lubrication method. 

Compared with the traditional lubrication, there are many advantages:

      1.Can transport a variety of performance indicators of lubricants. High Speed Motorized 

Spindle Oil and Gas Cooling lubrication when lubricating oil is delivered, high viscosity 

lubricants can be used. High viscosity lubricants can be quantitatively supplied to the bearing 

site. Lubricant viscosoty increased, bearing oil film thickness and oil film formation rate will 

be corresponding increase, which is to improve bearing life is very favorable.

      2.Oil and gas lubrication can accurately control the amount of oil and gas. In the oil mist 

lubrication, the amount of oil and gas can not be accurately adjusted. In the oil and gas cooling 

and lubrication, the oil and gas is not one, you can adjust the amount of oil lubrication and 

compressed air, the formation of oil and gas flow conditions to the lubrication point.

     3.No environmental pollution. Oil mist lubrication, the oil was fog 0.5-2μm fog, particles, 

some of these fog through the secondary solidfication into a larger oil droplets, play a role in 

lubrication. But there are a lot of oil mist particles from the friction of the gap or seal to 

the atmosphere emissions, causing environmental pollution. In the oil and gas cooling and 

lubrication, the oil has not been atomized, but in the oil-like compressed air is blown and 

transported, so the air is only the air emissions, so the environment without any pollution.

     4.Good sealing and cooling performance. Lubricants in the role of friction point, not only 

can prevent the metal and metal direct contact, as well as carry the role of friction and heat 

sealing. Lubricants by external pollutants, water and other inrusive deterioration is one of the 

important reasons leading to lubrication failure. In the past, oil lubrication and oil mist 

lubrication, the bearing chamber pressure is low, so the sealing performance is relatively poor. 

The oil and gas lubrication of the bearing cavity of the compressed air can be lubrication point 

to play a cooling, dust, ani-harmful substances and so on.

     The use of oil and gas lubrication system, due to the continuous  flow of air, can take the 

heat in the bearing cavity to keep the bearing at a reasonable temperature to work. The use of 

oil and gas lunrication system, can form a positive pressure in the bearing cavity, but also 

conductive to prevent water and impurities into the bearing inside, is conductive to the 

formation of a good seal.

     5.Low consumption of lubricating oil. Lubricant consumption when using oil and gas 

lubrication is oil mist lubrication of 1/10, dry oil lubricationof 1/100.

     6.Is conductive to improving the bearing speed. Because the oil droplets are in contact with 

the friction surface of the spray, so the oil and gas mixture is fully capable of penetrating 

through the high-speed operation due to the role of centrifugal force in the bearing around the 

formation of air vortex, so as to achieve the purpose of jet lubrication and cooling.