Development Of Mechanical Foundation Parts Driven By The Development Of Bearing Processing Industry

      Mechanical parts and components mainly refers to: bearing, gear, mold, hydraulic parts, 

pneumatic components, seals, fasteners, etc, is an indipensable part of the equipment 

manufacturing industry, directly determines the performance of major equipment and host products, 

level, quality and reliability.

     Mechanical basic parts, the application of traditional production technology, and ultimately 

the application of materials to remove the cutting method to create a precise size and shape 

requirements of the parts, the production process of more than 30% of the quality of the chip into

 a chip, which not only a lot of waste of material and energy, and take up a lot of machine tools 

and manpower. Since the twentieth century, people have begun to explore a variety of cutting or 

non-cutting precision forming new methods and new materials to reduce working hours and materials 


      Resources is an important material basis for the development of human society, saving 

resources is the eternal theme of human society, the survival and development manufacturing 

industry is also dependent on the rational use of resources. From the car engine one of the five 

key parts of the sliding bearing processing. The world's first internal combustion engine car is 

invented in 1885, the German Carl Bentz, according to reports, the use of bimetallic sliding 

bearing material is made by casting method, has been used until the 2008 financial crisis, only 

gradually shrinking Was the United States Federal-Mogul Co., Ltd.. Fitel Mo Gu Co., Ltd. Several 

sintering technology patents in the last century to replace the sintering technology used 

materials compared with the current casting method decreased to 1/9  ~   1/7 more saving, saving 

euipments and investment, are now losing the protection of the sintering manufacturing technology 

model has become the exsisting automotive engine steel and copper alloy bearings, bushings, 

thrust ring products, the mainstream manufacturing technology model: the methid is: steel lining 

back sintered copper alloy prepared bimetallic tape material / or plate, strip, this kind of 

materials for a variety of cutting deep processing made after the bearing, sleeve, thrust ring. 

This is the material removal process mode, the production process of more than 30% of the quality 

of the blank into a waste of scrap, the maximum utilization of 70% material.

     The application of advanced technology has changed the traditional concept of mechanical 

manufacturing. 1988 China's invention patent 88103145.3, created  the world's first power 

sintering-swinging nearly net forming steel-copper alloy thrust bearing disc parts of the new 

material manufacturing model, the material utilization rate reached nearly one hundred percent, 

making the with the main equipment of two sets of single parts forming a dense bimetallic bearing 

processing prototype parts, the average working hours less than 2 seconds/pieces, the product 

cluster sintering average working hours less than 30 points/piece. With the net shape / or a 

small removal of the cutting process, you can get the direct use of mechanical parts, so not only 

can save the traditional rough manufacturing method of energy consumption, material consumption, 

reducing the product manufacturing cycle and production costs, but also for the order of the 

digital processing to create the conditions for the parts into the high-end development.

     Powder sintering of China's autonomous property- New model of forming and forming bearing 

for roll forming:

     Bimetallic bearing manufacturing new model, from the product prototype material 

preperation/product molding integration without cutting (ie net shape) fast, directly to complete 

the processing of new technologies. Completed the profile of its material utilization rate 

reached 100%, is the mechanical base pieces of steel copper sliding bearing parts manufacturing 

technology a major breakthrough, is the industry's first, the world's leading.

      With the development of China's automobile industry, following the 1988 anti-push plate patent, until 2012 only, the full completion of the shape, variety, different use of steel and copper sliding bearings zero-shaped materials ( called parts profits ) technology. At present, can be manufactured without cutting steel copper sliding bearing profiles are:

    (1)Radial sliding bearing profiles (overall bearing, split bearing, sleeve)

    (2)Thrust sliding bearing profiles (thrust bearing plate, ring ,film)

    (3)Radial thrust and push the whole sliding bearing profiles (the whole round flap thrust 

sleeve profiles, double flanging split thrust bearing profiles)

    (4)Special shape sliding bearing profiles (concave V-shaped, concave spherical, L-shaped, 8-

shaped, large size)

    (5)Solid lubricating sliding bearing profiles and other five categories. Covering almost all 

steel-copper ally plain bearings.

     China's existing automotive sliding bearing material 

     At present, China's bearing processing industry is characterized by processing equipment and 

processing technology has been decades of experience and foundation, that is, they do not produce 

materials, steel - cast copper alloy enterprises and a small number of foreign investment, joint 

ventures and the introduction of foreign technology In addition to manufacturers, the factory to 

the purchase of bimetallic bearing material (strip or tape), and then use their own different 

cutting methods to complete the bearing, sleeve, bearing ring and other products manufacturing, 

the material utilization of up to 70% , 30% of the material into a cutting waste, this traditional

 waste manufacturing technology, its transformation and upgrading is urgent, can not wait.

     China's automobile has become the world's largest producer of sales, the current car and 

automobile engine used steel-copper alloy bearings of the key parts, mainly rely on imports, 

localization of the contradictions, to strengthen China's manufacturing industry, automotive 

sliding bearing materials and deep processing of the bearings must be China's own manufacturing, 

independent property rights.