Bronze Wrapped Bush FB090

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:RCB-090

  • Bearing Structure:Split Plain Bearing

  • Type of Lubricant:Oil-Lubricated Bearing

  • Lubricant & Load:Hydrodynamic Bearing

  • Bushing Material:Self-Lubrication

  • Bearing Direction:Radial

  • Lubricating Way:Maintenance-Free Bearing

  • Lubricating Film Thickness:Thin Film Lubrication

  • Material:Bronze Alloy

  • Color:Bronze

  • Trademark:RONCAN

  • Specification:ISO/TS16949

  • Origin:Jiashan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

Product Description

Jiashan Changsheng Composite Bearing Factory is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing self-lubricating bearing. It has 

a backing made of bronze with particular formulation supported by certain angle and density. The solid lubricants inlaid in 

the bushing are compounded with precision. It's used in successive casting machine, mineral mountain machinery, shipping, 

steam turbine etc.

RCB-090 Bronze self-lubricating bearings used a kind of high density broze alloy of special compositions as base, surface 

of alloy is rolled diamond type of the oil indents or half ball oil indents, this kind of bearing HAIt has been widely used 

in many fields, such as hoist machines, building machinery, machine tool industry and mining machinery.

Basic Characteristics
The bearings are wrapped of a cold formable homogenous bronze (CuSn8), which will obtain exceptional material properties.

The standard size are fitted with diamond shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface. These indents serve as lubricant

 reservoirs to rapidly build up a lubrication film in the start movement and therewith reduce the start friction.

Application Character:
1. The products inside surface is full of diamond oil indention, which can stock grease.
2. Minim oil lubrication, can be applied in water-lubrication environment.
3. Good anti-abrasion, low coefficient of friction, long operating life.
4. Can work consecutively at 100° C~+200° C.
5. Good mending, low-noise, non-pollution.

The products now are applied in different machine, such as auto machines, pumps, plastic injection machine, auto industry, 

heavy equipments, etc.


1. Well experienced OEM manufacturer.

2.16 years in the self lubricating bearing industry.

3.85% products export to foreign countries.