Bimetal Bearings Increase Bearing Capacity

Double metal bearing material is East Pu hardware of new products, is by multilayer metal composition of composite bearing material, used has steel lining back for bearing material of matrix layer, makes bearing has has high of structure strength, reduction motorcycle since lubrication layer material, by copper base bearing alloy composition, it both not injury and the dual, and are can tolerance high, and low temperature degrees of workers condition conditions. When friction for relative movement, solid lubricant on the friction surface, forming a layer of lubricant film to prevent contact between the metal, which reduces the coefficient of friction, increasing the carrying capacity of the bearing. It applies to oil film is not easy to form heavy loads, high temperature, low temperature, vacuum, steam and not add lubricating oil, dust, shock and other conditions under the conditions of use. Reasonable structure, high load capacity and good dry-running properties and fatigue resistance.

Products and main technical parameters

Integrated bearings:

1, high load carrying capacity and fatigue strength;

2, excellent friction and wear properties of copper bearing alloys, does not damage the duality;

3, high mechanical strength, and so on.

4, with the surge in copper prices, and significant cost savings.

5, low coefficient of friction, wear resistant, long service life;

6, due to lubricant lubrication, dry running performance, no holds, no cards, improved lubrication;

7, save oil resources, has changed the traditional lubrication caused by environmental pollution.

Bearing specifications:

1, the friction coefficient of 0.09-0.20

2, alloy pressure greater than 350~400 kg/cm

3, line speed is greater than the 6~9 mph

4, working temperature-200-+ 250 ℃.

Areas of application:

Material processing of various bearing products, using range special broad, can application Yu mine mechanical, and engineering mechanical, and metallurgical mechanical, and geological mechanical, and oil mechanical, and agricultural machinery, and traffic transport mechanical, and bridge and railway, and chemical mechanical, and paper mechanical, and water and the ship mechanical, and aviation space mechanical and Defense military, and printing, and light mechanical, and injection machine, and textile mechanical, and production line, and food packaging mechanical, and made sliding block for turbine, and rubber and car mold medium.