Bear Child Naughty Bearing On The Hand

     This newspaper in here,(Reporter Li Wei and correspondent Xu Yi, Chen Yijie) March 24 at half

past six, our fir uncle out of the police are finishing the equipment ready to participate in the 

evening night trainning, surprised to see a pedestrian color hurry into the fire team, but also 

accompanied by the child's cry.

     Fire officers and soldiers led them to the communication room, after understanding, the original is a bear child because of naughty fun, mistakenly the size of the finger bearing to the

left index finger, playing with the play, suddenly found the hands of things can not get down, 

only told the grandparents, grandparents used in the fingers on the oil and so on to think of the 

method tried again and again, the results not only did not take down, because the fingers of 

blood does not flow began to slightly swollen. In desperation, the grandparents led the child 

to the Fuyang District Public Security Bureau field police station, the police immediately after 

the investigation sent the child to Fuyang fire squadron.

     Fire officers and soliders first look at the child's situation, because the bearing than the 

average ring to be thick which is increased the difficulty of processing, scissors when the need 

for a little bit slowly, but also need more patience and careful. In order to prevent to the

 child , between the fingers and the bearing folder between the paper, and then fire officers and 

soliders while the child's feelings to comfort the side, while brought the knife and the vise, in 

the cut with the first vise fixed bearing. Bearing the meat near the squeeze, try to leave the 

distance between the fingers and bearings, and then cut the little bit slowly cut the gap, each 

cut are carefully look at the location of the shears, and asked the children have not feel pain.

    In a few attempts to finally get out of the gap when the child because of the fear of the 

heart and the swelling of the fingers could not help but cry, the child's grandparents hurried 

forward to hold the child's hand, we also stop the hands of the first action to stabilize. The 

child out of control emotions, and then use the vise to cut the rest of the bearings.

     10 minitues, the child's hands are finally completely cut off the bearings, we looked at the

 child's hand is only a little swelling and no problem, naughty children also rush in the 

grandfather arms sobbing, grandparents kept to the fire officers and soldiers thank.

     Finally, the fire officers and soliders side to send them to the door, while reminding them 

usually should try not to let children contact some things and drugs, so as not to eat children, 

etc, there are children not to scissors, chopsticks, pencils and some other sharp items used to 

play, do not match, lighter as a toy, do not play firecrackers, do not burn things to play.