Application Of Bimetallic Bearing In Engine

    Bimetallic bearing is a kind of oil-free bearings, the product is a high-quality low-carbon 

steel back for the matrix, the surface sintered lead-tin brinze alloy, after several high-

temperature sintering and compact rolling from copper, steel bimetallicmade of rolling, suitable 

for medium and high impact load bushings, thrust washers and other types of use.

    Bimetal bearing steel material:

    As the matrix stabilized as a low carbon steel material, so the sleeve diameter of the outer 

diameter of the processing accuracy has been protected, and in the product into the seat hole does

 not require screw fixation, relying on interference fit can prevent the phenomenon of walking 

outside. The change of the chemical composition of the inner surface alloy layer can meet the 

requirements of different bearing pressure, different use temperature and different sliding speed.

The friction surface can design different oil tank in the production. The oil hole can meet the 

requirements of different refueling methods and prevent bite Axis phenomenon.

    Bimetallic bearing performance:

    The product has the advantages of good wear resistance. Especially suitable for medium-speed 

loading and low-speed high load and other occasions. Through special means of technology, you can 

work on the friction surface of a variety of oil tank, oil hole and oil hole, so as to adapt to 

different lubrication conditions. Products have been widely used in automative engines, motorcycle

 clutch, gear pump rubbing and lifting equipment and other fields.

    Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearings (JDB) is a new type of metal bearing 

characteristic and self -lubricating bearing characteristics of the new lubricating bearings, by 

the metal matrix to withstand the load, the special formula of solid lubricating bearings, by the 

metal matrix to withstand the load, the special formula of solid lubricating material lubrication.

 It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature 

resistance and high self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for occasions such as 

heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging and so difficult to lubricate and form oil film, 

and is not afraid of water erosion and other acid And scouring.

   Bimetallic bearings on the engine cylinder block applications:

   1.The general type cylinder block: its characteristic is the oil pan shell installation plane

 and crankshaft rotation center at the same height. The advantages of this cylinder block is the 

body height is small, light weight, compact structure, easy processing, crankshaft easy to 


   2.Gantry cylinder block: It is characterized by the installation of oil pan below the 

crankshaft center of rotation. Its advantage is that the strength and stiffness are good, can 

withstand greater mechanical load.

   3.Tunnel cylinder: This type of cylinder block crankshaft main bearing hole for the whole, the

 use of rolling bearings, the main bearing hole larger, crankshaft from the rear of the cylinder 

block into. Its advantages are compact structure, stiffness and strength, but its shortcomings 

are high precision machining requirements, poor process, crankshaft disassembly is not convenient.