Application Characteristics Of SF-1D Hydraulic Bearing Bushing

      Product Manual:

      SF-1D hydraulic bearing bushings is a new type of material in the SF-1P on the basis of the combination of cylinder 

and shock absorber works, in the absence of oil conditions are more wear-resistant. This product in addition to SF-1P's 

advantages, especially for reciprocating frequent large lateral force occasions. Its performance and foreign DP4 similar to 

the current product gradually replace SF-1P products for automotive, motorcycle shock absorbers and a variety of hydraulic 

cylinders and other fields.

      Application characteristics:

     1. PTFE, lipophilic fiber mixture in the movement can form a good transfer film protection on the grinding axis.

     2. Good wear resistance, low friction coefficient.

     3. Walking performance is good, no bite the axis phenomenon.

     4. Can be used in the rotation, swing, reciprocating motion.

     5. Because it is not lead, it can be used in food machinery, medical machinery and other green equipment.

     6. Products in addition to the characteristics of SF-1P, especially for reciprocating frequent, large lateral force of 

the occasion, for automotive, motorcycle shock absorbers and various types of hydraulic cylinders and other fields.