Analysis On Bearing Failure And Bearing Damage And Its Causes And Countermeasures

Why the bearings will wear damage

Only part of bearing damage in practical applications. Most of the many reasons for bearing bad?? Exceeds the original estimate of load, non-effective sealing, tight fit as a result of the bearing clearance is too small, and so on. One or more of these factors all have their special damage types and will stay special shows signs of damage. Therefore, examine the damaged shaft bearing, can be found in most of the cases its possible causes, generally speaking, bearing damage due to fatigue damage of one-third, other one-third due to poor lubrication, other one-third due to improper installation or contaminants from entering the bearing.? However, related to these damage type and industry. For example, most of the pulp and paper industry and a half due to poor lubrication bearing damage or pollution is not caused due to material fatigue.

Causes of bearing failure and analysis

Improper Assembly

Bearing 16% is in failure due to improper Assembly in advance (usually because the force is too large ... ) And right of use Assembly tool. Some of the equipment require the use of mechanical, hydraulic or heating methods to make the correct and effective installation and removal. SKF provides a variety of professional engineering services technology to the full range of tools and equipment, make these tasks simpler, faster and more cost-efficient. Use special tools and technologies for professional Assembly, is to achieve maximum uptime of the machine prolonged by another solution.

Improper lubrication

Although you can install all kinds of "maintenance-free" sealed bearing, early failure in bearing 36% is due to the technical application of grease is incorrect and improper use. Any improper lubrication of the bearings are inevitably failures ahead of its normal service life. Because the bearings are generally most easy to load and unload the parts in mechanical devices, regular lubrication will not have problems. In the case of artificial maintenance cannot be achieved, SKF automatic lubrication system can be designed to achieve the best performance. As long as required using the SKF greases, tools and techniques for effective lubrication will help significantly reduce downtime.


Bearings are precision components, bearings and grease contamination, will not be able to function effectively. In addition, because there is is maintenance-free sealed bearings with grease only a fraction of the total number of bearing, so all the early failure in bearing at least 14% is caused by pollution. SKF has excellent bearing manufacturing and design capabilities, can provide all kinds of working conditions with sealing solutions.

Fatigue if the overload, improper use or maintenance of the machine, the bearing will be affected, leading to early failure in bearing 34% are caused by fatigue. Bearing in times of stress or improper maintenance will be issued when the "early warning", SKF condition monitoring equipment can be used for testing and analysis, so sudden or unplanned failure can be avoided. SKF products, including handheld measuring instruments, fixed systems and data management software, can be periodic or continuous monitoring of key operating parameters.