Zhejiang changsheng: create efficient power bearing intelligent development

HC plastic mesh News: April 18, 2012 to 21st, the Asia's largest and most professional--the 26th China international plastic rubber industry exhibition successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. HC plastic mesh as a media partner of adsale exhibition, adsale exhibition excellent exhibitors during the story. During the show, I had the privilege to interview exhibitors--Zhejiang changsheng bearing Technology Ltd (hereinafter: Chang Sheng) Development Minister Mr Yu Jianzhong.

Yu said total: long sheng was founded in 1995, initial size and limited financial resources, but the spirit of "always seeking excellence" purposes in order to meet and exceed customer expectations, and customers to create valuable products for the society. After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, currently has a bi-metal boundary lubrication rolling bearings, self-lubricated rolling bearings, metal-plastic-metal matrix self-lubricating bearings, copper-based boundary lubrication rolling bearings, self-lubricated bearings and other non-metallic involved tens of thousands of types of products, becoming one of the world's most professional bearing manufacturer.

As the bearings in the machinery industry leading enterprises, changsheng bearing specializes in the development and production of intelligent bearing. Yu said total industrial automation at the progressive realization of cost savings, as well as for the natural environment are very good. Our bearing machinery research and development focused on efficiency, reduced costs from origin.

Zhejiang changsheng bearing Technology Ltd bearing display

Zhejiang changsheng bearing Technology Ltd bearing display

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Changsheng the adsale exhibition exhibition of CSB650 CU matrix mosaic-type solid lubricating bearings, a collection of smart and multiple advantages such as high-strength, high-strength copper alloy provides a very high bearing capacity and solid lubricants can form a low friction.

Relying on key universities in China such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Hefei University of technology, and other technical forces, changsheng set up a special Research Institute, to promote the new product areas and research and development. With professionalism and branding on the rise, Chang Sheng market shift from domestic to international, currently in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East as well as Japan and South Korea to take its sales market share of 50%. Its scope has become even more widespread: mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and plastic and are its main flagship market.

In the continuous training of employees at the same time, long-sheng also introduces the domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, digestion, absorption, and innovation, be applied to the product, design, and production of, and ensure that the product quality, service quality, synchronize with the world trend of development of sliding bearing. Prosperity in the future will continue to focus on new product development and promotion and application of new materials and applications, quality, professional self-lubricating bearing solutions for our customers.

Conclusion: adhering to the Chang Sheng has been "always seeking excellence" spirit must constantly strive to enhance product based service quality, meet the challenges of the times, and strive to build a world of self-lubricated bearing brands, create more wealth for society.