Xugong made clutch bearings mass production

Recently, after half a year of development and manufacture of xugong scraper weapon produced by XOC clutch successfully, and now mass production. XOC clutch success off the production line, represent 2BS315A series planetary gearbox reliability increased, xugong build a world-class construction machinery and inject new vitality into the core components.

Widely used as load planetary gearbox clutch, improve efficiency, reduce the intensity of work, improve loader performance and other important roles. However isolated ring overrunning clutch due to their structural limitations of existing roller could not fully synchronize, spring failure, PIN card such problems, these problems will reduce the life of planetary gearboxes. Xugong made bearing clutch with reasonable structure design, simple manufacturing process, manufacture of high precision, high reliability, load torque, long life, loader torsional loads and the advantages of working long hours under heavy load, realized completely replace with spacer ring overrunning clutch, added a strong driving force for xugong core strengthening.