What is Glacier Bush ?

Glacier Bush

Glacier bush is a high performance bearing material. This type bush is invented by Glacier Garlock Bearings and soon become more and more popular and widely used in all kinds of industries all over the world.

Glacier Bushing

Now when people talk about Glacier bearing, it standard for many types of bushing including DU Bushing, DX Bushing, Lead free Bushes, bimetal bearing, bronze bushing and so on.

After that, more and more factories all over the world start to make the similar performance bearing material as Glacier Bush. Our company, TISEN Plain Bearing can manufacturer DU bush(TSB-10 series), DX bearing(TSB-20 Series), bimetal bush(TSB-800 Series), bronze bush(TSB-090 Series), oilless bearing(TSB-500# series) and other customized self lubricating with the same performance as Glacier Bush.

If you have any demand of Glacier bushing, please contact us or send your inquiry to zg@zg-bearing.com, we will give you answer within 12 hours.