Wazhou bearing has entered the field of overloaded high-speed technological transformation starts

Wazhou bearing production for more than 50 years of history, China bearing industry is currently the only way to mass production of railway, passenger, cargo, maintenance, Metro, light rail bearings business.

Company has strong bearing capacity, the formation of three major manufacturing bases: overloading of railway freight bearing manufacturing base, overhaul of railway freight cars bearing manufacturing base, manufacturing base of railway passenger car bearings. The "Eleven-Five" period, the company has investment for railway bearing the high starting point, high quality, on the scale of technical transformation of railway bearings are produced using automated link technology, proprietary technologies such as automatic detection technology to railway bearing manufacturing capabilities and technology has improved continuously.

At present, China railway has entered a period of rapid development, independent innovation, development of bearing products with independent intellectual property rights is the goal of Chinese bearings. In 2011, for the country's high speed railway freight development, zwz overloaded goods vehicles running condition, bearing life and extreme conditions, developed a series of heavy axle freight car bearings, in comprehensive evaluation of Ministry for a number of prototype bearings first.

In heavy axle load in trucks bearing development, applied for 2 patents for invention, the application of the 12 new processing technology and testing technology, heavy axle load has completed production of railway freight bearings all the technical documents, and formed a production capacity.

Heavy axle bearings for railway freight cars the company's development project in Liaoning province, Dalian City Government attaches great importance to and support new technology projects have been launched.