Trouble Shooting and Repairing Method of Automobile Shock Absorber

     Car shock absorbers, as the name suggests is to slow down the car in the driving sense of 

vibration, with the professional belongs to is to make the frame and the body vibration quickly 

decay, improve the ride comfort and cmfort, car suspension system (suspension system refers to the

body and the tire between the spring and shock absorbers composed of the entire support system) 

are generally equipped with shock absorbers, the current widely used in the car is a two-way tube-

type shock absorber. Shock absorbers are used in the process of car wear parts, shock absorber 

work is good or bad, will directly affect the smooth running of the car and other parts of the 

life, so shock absorbers need to always be in good working condition. So how to test the car shock

 absorber is not working properly? The following methods can be used to check the shock absorber 

work is good.

     Shock absorber failure:

     Method 1: The car in the poor road conditions on the road after 10km parking, hand touch 

shock absorber shell, if not hot, indicating no resistance inside the shock absorber, shock 

absorber does not work. At this point, you can add the appropriate lubricants, and then test, if 

the shell heat, the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should add enough oil; otherwise, that 

shock absorber failure.

     Method 2: Press the bumper, and then release, if the car has 2 to 3 jump, then the shock 

absorber work well, otherwise it is not normal work.

     Method 3: When the car slow driving and emergency braking, if the car vibration is more 

intense, indicating that the shock absorber is not working properly.

     Method 4: Remove the shock absorber to its upright, and the lower end of the connection ring 

clamp on the vise, forced to pull the vibration pole several times, this time there should be a 

stable resistance, pull up the resistance should be greater than the pressure. When the 

resistance, such as resistance to instability or no resistance, may be inside the shock absorber 

or valve parts damaged, should be repaired or replaced parts.

    Automotive shock absorber failure check:

   After determining whether the shock absorber has problems or failures, it should first look 

at whether the shock absorber has a leak or a traces of old oil spills or phenomena.

    Oil seal gasket, sealing gasket rupture damage, storage tank nut nut loose. May be oil seal, 

sealing gasket damage failure, should replace the new seal. If still can not eliminate the oil 

spill, should pull out the shock absorber, if the severity is not a moment, and then further 

check the piston and the cylinder between the gap is too large, shock absorber piston rod with or 

without bending, piston rod surface and cylinder Whether the car has a scratch or pull marks.

      If the shock absorber does not leak the oil, check the damper connection pin, connecting 

rod, connecting hole, rubber bushings, etc. whether there is damage, desoldering, rupture or fall 

off. If the above check is normal, you should further break down the shock absorber, check the 

piston and cylinder between the mating gap is too large, the cylinder with or without strain, the 

valve seal is good, valve and valve seat fit tight, Whether the extension of the spring is too 

soft or broken, according to the situation to take grinding or replacement of the way to repair.

     Car shock absorber repair:

     Finally, the shock absorber in the actual use will be issued a sound failure, which is

 mainly due to the shock absorber and the plate spring, frame or shaft collision caused by the 

damage or fall off the pad and the shock absorber dust tube deformation , Lack of oil and other 

causes, should identify the cause, be repaired. The normal work of the shock absorber can ensure 

that we are in the process of driving more smooth forward, so to check the work of the shock 

absorber is normal.