The Reasons of Bearing Temperature High


     1.Poor lubrication quality.

     The purpose of lubrication is to make the static and static parts do not directly contact to 

produce friction, and the formation of solid and liquid friction between. If the amount of oil is 

insufficient  or poor quality, will make the static part of the direct friction heating , or heat 

can not be carried away by lubricating oil, leaving the bearing temperature.

    2.Rolling bearing assmebly quality is bad.

    Such as the inner sleeve and the shaft is not enough force, jacket and bearing clearance is 

too large or too small.

    3.Poor bearing quality.

    Sliding bearing rolling surface cracks, fragmentation, peeling, etc, will destory the 

stability and uniformity of the film, the surface of the bearing heat.

    4.Seal the felt too tight and heat.

    5.The bearing vibration is too large to withstand the impact load, seriously affect the 

stability of the lubricating oil film.

    6.Bearing cooling water is insufficient or interrupted, affecting the heat out, leaving the 

bearing temperature.