The Process and Princlple of Self-Lubricating Bearings

       Technology and Principles:

       Special Production Process: Due to the special requirements of the production process, 

some of the key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises in extermely harsh conditions to 

run. Due to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, dust or air containing acid corrosion gas 

CO, SO2, etc, the equipment lubrication to bring a lot of problems, friction and wear serious, so 

far, most of the domestic enterprises still use the traditional oil, grease lubrication range, 

prone to  bearing and other friction vice bites or killed, causing serious parts wear and damage, 

often lead to equipment outrage. In order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the 

original design requirements for the installation of multiple equipment gear repair, but also to 

invest a large number of maintenance personnel. Severely restricting the increase in 

producticity, spare parts and energy consumption is great, has become an important obstacle to 

the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and 

other enterprises have proposed to provide complex conditions of special lunbricating material 


        To this end, the research on mosaic self-lubricating composites highlights its own 

characteristics in material formulation and preparation process. The material properties have 

reached the international advanced level, which has sloved the problem of lubrication under 

special working conditions and brought obvious economic and social benefits. But because of a 

variety of reasons more domestic enterprises have not yet adopted, the above situation still 


      Key Technical Principles:

      The composite material used in the mosaic self-lubricating bearing is a new type of anti-

extreme pressure solid lubricating material consisting of a metal substrate and a solid lubricant

paste embedded in the hole or groove of the substrate. In the process of friction  mateal 

subatrates bear the vast majority of the load. The solid lubrication film, which is lubricated 

and  firmly adhered and uniformly covered on the friction surface, is geatly reduced in friction 

and wear by the solid lubricant in the friction, hole or groove to the friction surface. With the 

friction, the embedded solid lubricant is constantly provided on the friction surface, ensuring 

long-termoperation of the friction on the good lubrication.