The Main Application Areas of Self-lubricating Maintenance-free Bearing

     1. Forklift application

      The use of self-lubricating maintenance-free sliding bearings (commonly known as bushings).

 In these bushings, the original use of some steel sets or copper sets, to regular refueling, but 

the regular refueling, then refueling is largely dependent on the on-site workers personal career 

or consciousness. The use of self-lubricating bearings, you can remove a lot of follow-up 

maintenance of customers, especially the cost of procurement, which is our forklift customers to 

provide a program.

    2.The application of excavators

     The application on the excavators is more intuitive. Sometimes on the road often see the 

excavaotr. Excavator usually there will be a lot of rotating position, the general use of the 

scope of the excavator temperature is minus 40 to 80 degrees, the working environment of dust, 

sometimes more humid, there is water, especially in digging some underground pipes, will work in 

a lot of watery humid environment. Based on these requirement, many customers are still using a 

centralized lubrication system to lubricate, or to regularly apply grease to the application. 

Mainly in the position, of the hydraulic steel and the location of the shaking rod, but this will 

lead to a problem, these locations sometimes not good refueling, especially as large equipment, 

the workers climb to the oil is very difficult. Because it is long in the harsh conditions, dust, 

impurities, this place the oil holeis easy to be blocked, the actual in the latter part of the 

maintenance you see this effect is often relatively poor.

     We recommend self-lubricating maintenance-free bearing for excavator users, one is non-

metallic, and one is copper-based inlaid graphite, with a diamond on a copper piece added to the 

entire bush, which can give cusromers very high reliability, while reducing the cost of the 

entire equipment.

    3.Application of the loader

   Volvo loaders on the application. Can be applied to the construction machinery, loaders, 

excavators and other hinge position, because its equipment needs to have hydraulic steel 

reciprocating movement, in the hinge and hydraulic steel  will be used to stretch the position of 

the lining set. Many customers used the original use of some steel sets, copper sets, and even 

some customers in the early want to try a self-lubricating maintenance-free concept, he used some 

oil-bearing nylon bearings, the problems is that the bearing are not reliable, very large water 

absorption, will lock the shaft, while poor oxidation resistance, a long time will be brittle,

and then split off. Usually the most common of machinery, excavators, loaders are the most common 

and most common application. In addition, there are bulldozers, mining trucks, although this 

device is relatively in daily life is not so generally, but the use of this device is very large,

 after a lot of testing, in many special equipment can use self-lubricating maintenance-free 


     4.Application of mine machinery-boring machine

     In the mining machinery, bimetallic products are mainly used in coal mine excavation 

equipment, in front of the excavation cutting head has a hydraulic steel, this place must have

 a liner at both ends to play the role of self-lubricating, so that when the hydraulic rotation 

to achieve rotation. In many mining equipment or coal mine equipment which has some explosion 

requirements, due to gas and flammable gases, it is a lot of polymer materials have special 

requirements, generally do not use composite materials or polymer materials, it will generally 

be used to Metal products. And in this kind of equipment, its space is very limited, it should 

as much as possible to improve the capacity of the unit under the unit capacity, because it is 

very thin wall, the equivalent of the shaft can add a little more to improve the integration 

performance, Improve its carrying capacity, strength.

     5.Coal machine application

      Coal machine application include long-arm shearer, rocker coal and so on. In the open air 

equipment or in this kind of underground equipment with excavation are used to self-lubricating 

maintenance-free bearing products. Relatively speaking, the safety requirements of underground 

equipment is more harsh, which is we have a lot of performance or have a high reliablity of some 


     6.Crane application

      Crane application, the crane has a rocker arm or a swimming arm, in this position need to 

install the bearing to achieve roation. This bearing is not a rolling bearing, but a sliding 

bearing, usually this self-lubricating plain bearing. We offer some complete solutions to our 

domestic crane customers. The euqivalent of customers do not need to maintain and lubricate the 

bearings, improve its cost-effective.