The Effects and Characteristics of the Bushings


     In the moving parts, because of a long-term friction caused by wear parts, when the shaft

 and hole clearance to certain extent and when the need to replace the parts, so the designer in 

the design of the use of low hardness, good wear resistance. The material is a sleeve or bushing,

 which can reduce the wear of the shaft and the seat, when the sleeve or bushing wear to a certain

 extent to replace, so you can save the cost of replacing the shaft or seat. In general, 

interference with the shaft with the gap, because no matter how or can not avoid wear and tear, 

can only extend the extend the life, and shaft parts are relatively easy to process. There are 

some new designers do not like this design, that this is to increase the cost of manufacturing, 

but  after a period of time after use, maintenance or in accordance with this method of 

transformation, but the transformation is likely to result in reduced accuracy of the device. The 

reason is very simple, secondary processing is unable to guarantee the location of the seat hole 

to add some, the sleeve is used in some places where the speed is low, the radial load is high 

and the clearance is required (such as the camshaft) bearing (in fact, the sleeve can be 

considered a kind of sliding bearings), the material requires low hardness and wear, the sleeve 

hole through the grinding scraping, to achieve a high degree of accuracy, the wall must have 

lubricating oil tank. Very important, the dry grinding, shaft and bushings will soon be scrapped, 

it is recommended to install the shaft hole when the shaft sleeve, so you can leave a lot of 

small pits, enhanced lubrication bushings and bushings are based on different industrial 

conditions choose a different model. The most important conditions are: pressure, speed,

 pressure speed product, lubrication state, load nature. Bushing is easy to optimize the 

selection of automation.

     Wrapped around the stem, wear and can be easily replaced. If you do not use bushings, wear, 

replace the the parts. So the replacement of the bushing (design, it will reduce the hardness of 

the bushing, so that in the friction pair to become grinding pieces. Because of its convenient 

processing, replacement costs are low, but also easy to change. Of course, there are guidance, 

etc, is second.


   IKO miniature linear bushing bearing is a very small linear motion guide that rotates with the 

shaf and has an infinite linear motion in the direction of the shaft and has a shaft diameter of 

3 to 5mm.

   1.Low friction resistance.

   2.Ball can be due to the correct guide of the holder, with a very small friction impedance to 

stabilize the linear motion.

   3.Made of stainless steel.

   4.Also provide stainless steel series,suitable for corrosion-resistant applications.

   5.Sophisticated design.

   6.Small size, can be designed in the dilicate machinery/equipment.

   7.Rich changes.

   In addition to the standard type, there are series of high rigidity long type, according to the

 use of choice.