Steel bearings "bite" 3 year old boy fingers

This newspaper in heze, August 4 (reporter Zhou Qianqing correspondent Liu bin) 3-year-olds will be the ring finger to the bicycle bearings, bad parents and rescue firefighter, after 30 minutes of effort, bearing has been successfully removed.

August 3, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, a couple with a 3 year old little boy, hurried to the secret squadron of heze City Fire Brigade for assistance. It turns out that child the ring finger of his right hand was stuck by stainless steel bicycle bearings, being joint top of the already significant congestion and swelling, the boy cry issued from time to time.

Because the boy's age is small, poor endurance, SWAT team of firemen took more conservative and relatively safe way. According to reports, the fire service personnel with lathe fixed steel rings, and slowly sawed a hole, then use pliers to open large holes around the area, but because the ring for steel structures, pliers hacksaw and pulled out from time to time in the rescue process pain boys, boys cry, and save the interrupted several times.

Firefighters and the boy's parents continue to calm the boy down, 30 minutes later, eventually bearing cut, remove the bearing.