Spherical Plain Bearings and Their Benefits

When you think of bearing products, you probably think of those circular devices that circle a large area. You may even think of those large car wheels on trucks and buses. Spherical plain bearings, however, are much different! The following article will describe what these bearings really are and how they are utilized.

Spherical bearings perform the same function as their name would imply. These bearings have several small balls which are filled with oil (or perhaps some hydraulic fluid) and then spin around. The oil attracts and pulls the balls, keeping them spinning. If you have ever dropped an uncooked egg from a great height, chances are that the yoke is held up by spherical bearings. Think about a large stack of books that weigh quite a bit. The weight of these books would be exerted on the spindle arm of the bookcase hundreds, if not thousands, of times before the bookcase came to a standstill.

Spherical bearings have the ability to withstand the highest dynamic pressure, the heaviest weights, and the most corrosive environments. Because of this, they are widely used in many different industries. In fact, they are so common that almost all industries have some type of spindle bearing available. From oilfield gear boxes to chain hoists, bearings perform the same function in so many ways that they cannot all be described in a short article.

Spherical bearings can be classified according to their design. The first are called tension loads. These are simply large balls that are supported by a cage. The second type are called tension balls. This design is a little more complex, but is not as common.

Then there are high revs or bearing sets. High revs bearings allow for smooth continuous spinning even under high stress. The last bearing type is called heavy-duty or counterbalance bearings. This design is the most complex because of its ability to withstand high amounts of force and the specific design of its inner components. All the three designs are extremely important in any industry that experiences high stresses and high temperatures.

If you are looking for bearings for heavy-duty applications, then you might want to consider a high-performance polyethylene spindle with an aluminum alloy housing and high-performance flurocoat. In addition, the housing should be made from a heavy-duty polyethylene material that is known for corrosive environments. With these features and the proper cleaning procedures, your bearings will last longer than you may think. A little maintenance-free maintenance is in order for these bearings to do their job right every time.