Special Hydraulic Bearing

     Hydraulic bearing is improved from the base of oil bearing. Hydraulic bearings have a larger 

oil stroage space than oil-bearings and have a unique loop-back fuel supply circuit.


     Hydraulic bearings are essentially an oil bearing. But this has been improved, life than 

ordinary oil seal bearings greatly extended, and inherited the advantages of oil bearing-running 


     Oil seal features:

     First of all, the hydraulic bearing to improve the traditional non-sealed bearing the bottom 

of the design, the bottom of the bearing all sealed up to form a closed oil-resistant design. The 

effectively prevents the grease from evaporating and dust into the bearing interior. The result 

is that the bearing life can be greatly extended.

     Secondly, the traditional bearing because the bottom is non-sealed design, lubricants can not

 store too much. The hydraulic bearing the use of the characteristics of the bottom closed, 

designed a large oil stroage space, you can store a lot of grease. Which makes the bearings to 

maintain lubrication at all times, greatly improving the use of hydraulic bearings stability.

     In addition, the hydraulic bearing with a special low wear, high temperature grease. This 

grease wear rate is low, high temperature. Even if the hydraulic bearing for a long time 

continuous work, in a high temperature state, the hydraulic bearing inside the grease will not 

evaporate, to ensure a good bearing lubrication.

    Not only that, the floating pressure bearing also uses a pressure-type oil circuit design, 

making the bearing and stroage tank interchange, conductive to the oil tank within the 

lubricating grease smooth into the bearing. At the same time, it also uses powder metallurgy, the

 use of special metal bearings. Bearing a small hole on the bearing into the special grease 

soaked, so that the hole filled with grease.

    Hydraulic bearings are constantly spilled during lubrication to lubricate the bearings. With 

the design of pressure-type oil, bearing and oil storage tank as a whole, lubricating oil can be 

free to flow, and truly unlimited self-overflow lubrication.


    Hydraulic bearing work noise is significantly reduced, the service life is very long, up to 

40,000 hours.