Shenke shares: according to product research and manufacturing of bearing products

Shenke thick-walled plain bearings because of their strong capacity, strong resistance to shock and vibration, and is widely used in medium to large host devices such as electric motors, large machinery and equipment. Bearing inner-hole shape is not affected by the bearing block hole of bearing known as thick-walled bearing shell. Thick-walled bearing use casting manufacture, bearing surface can be included in line, often casting bearing alloy by centrifugal casting in cast iron, steel or bronze bearing surface. Bearing alloys and bearing attached well, often produced in the bearing surfaces in various forms of tenons, grooves or threads. Use the thick walls of the bearing Bush for thick-walled plain bearings. High efficiency, high accuracy, high technology content, high reliability is an inevitable trend in the development of sliding bearing. Shenke bearing company limited understanding the characteristics of thick-walled bearing products, according to product features, very good for the manufacture of bearings.