Self-Lubricating Thrust Washer

   Self-Lubricating Thrust Washer: Combines the wear resistance of copper alloy(ZCuZn24AI6) 

and the self-lubricating properties of solid lubricants, so that it does not need to be refueled 

during use. Products are widely used in high load, intermittent or swing movement, such as steam 

locomotive production lines, water turbines, reservior work/accident doors, plastic machinery. 

Depending on the operating conditions used, various types of copper alloys may be provided.

   A high performance solid lubricating products such as graphite and other solid lubricants on 

the base of high strength brass. Carrying capacity, good wear resistance and other 

characteristics, suitable for low-speed heavy load and other occasions. Can be processed in the 

frication surface of a variety of oil tanks and oil holes and inlaid solid lubricants, and can 

adapt to different environmental conditions. Products have long been widely used in automobiles, 

motorcycles, gear pumps and lifting equipment and other places.

   Base material: copper alloy

   Base hardness: HB230-270

   Coefficient of friction: < 0.16

   Maximum operating temperature:300℃

   Limit dynamic load: 100N / mm2

   Lm/min limit load: 25N / mm2

   Maximum sliding speed: dry 0.4m / s   oil 5m / s

   Use the limit PV value: 3.8N / mm2 * m / s