Self-lubricating Maintenance-free Bearing Advantages


     1.Improve the reliablity of the bearing

    Self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings can improve the reliablity of the bearing, 

allowing it to be in a lubricated state. Especially in this low-speed, heavy-duty occasions, play

 a very effective lubrication, and the traditional rolling bearings have a big difference.

     2.Increase the life of the use

    Can reduce the probability of cusromer quality problems. Reduce the consumption of grease, 

because in general, the traditional sense of the bearing is regularly to add fat, but self-

lubricating maintenance-free bearings in the life of all do not need to add grease, can help 

customers reduce the cost of this part.

     3.Reduce the customer's centralized lubrication system and manage the cost

      You do not need an additional lubricaiton system, for example, in the construction

 machinery which needs the lubrication system, expensive, but with a self-lubricating, 

maintenance-free bearings, the set of lubrication system is not needed, from a not only reduce 

the price of the system before the factory, but also in the latterpart of the maintenance terms,

 and reduce the cost of the user, and improve the reliability of the product.

     4.Improve efficiency

    For the user, the equivalent of reducing the daily grease to add, improve effiency, because 

you do not need to stop to add grease or lubricants, can improve the efficiency of equipment.

     5.Reduce repair costs

     There is no need for an additional lubrication system to improve the reliablity of the 

equipment while reducing the cost of repairs. Maintenance costs decline, because the sself-

lubricating maintenance-free bearing no grease, from the environment point of view is more 

environmentally friendly. We are involved in some industries, such as sewage treatment, in the 

ocean, because of direct contact with water, these industries from the use of grease  has a very 

high demand, the need to prevent the entire water system pollution or other pollution.


    With the country or the user more emphasis on the concept of environmental protection, this 

oil-free self-lubricating products in the future to better promote it. It is maintenance-free in 

full life, and you do not need to add grease or to maintain it on a regular basis. Therefore, in 

the whole life of the worker do not need it to open to view, maintenance.

    7.Weight loss effect is obvious

    In the construsion machinery or a lot of equipment which need to focus on the entire product

design, weight loss after the entire engine efficiency will be improved, so from a single bearing,

 the weight loss effect is very obvious.