Plain bearing/Bushings Dimension Inspection

Our company TISEN is specialized in producing all kinds of Plain bearing,Bushings,Wrapped bushings,Bronze bushing,Self-lubricating bearing,DU bushing,Dry bearing,Marginal-Lubrication bearings,Bimetal bearing,Solid-lubricant-embedded bearings,Solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing,Ball Retainer bearing,Brass graphite bushings.

Our plain bearings are wrapped bushings,which testing methods as follows:

Internal diameter test methods

Test C (ISO3547-2:Test C)

To check the inside diameter, the bush is to be pressed into a ring gauge, whose nominal diameter corresponds to the dimension specified in ISO3547-1:1999.The inside diameter shall be measured with a 3-point measuring instrument or checked with a GO and NO GO plug gauge.The GO plug gauge shall be inserted by a minimum effort.The NO GO plug gauge shall not be inserted by manual pressure (Maximum force 250N).In order to enable the manufacturer and the customer to compare results of this test it should be agreed whether results should be obtained by measuring or by gauging.

Thrust washer test method

Beside the thickness,the flatness of washer is also important for washer and grinding parts usage age.We use very helpful test in which the washer falls through the gap between two plain parallel plates of a gauge under its dead weight.The plates must be big enough to cover the whole washer.

Wall thickness test method

The wall thickness ismeasured at once,two or three positions axially according to the bearing dimensions.The wall thickness and the inside diameter shall not be specified together on the same drawing.